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Your cycling guides at the Bike-Hotel Innerhofer - South Tyrol

Well looked after by confident cyclists
MTB-Guide-Agnes_222 The success of the last years has allowed us and our team to grow! Since 1993, me (Agnes) and my twin sister Edith have led Hotel Innerhofer with great passion. In 1963, we were born under the zodiac of Capricorn, which means that we have power, stamina and enthusiasm!
We have always been interested in many different things and in 1999 we declared ‘mountain biking’ as our favourite theme!
We are both sporty people (with ME leading, of course) and therefore, the MTB competence was assigned to me right from the start! My husband made me fall in love with sports, and in the meantime, I like everything from biking and ski tours, to diving! However, my greatest sports success was the Real Marathon 2001 in Berlin (4:02 hr).
Apart from sports, most of my attention goes to my husband Manfred and my daughters Anna and Carmen, the Alps, Toscana, Sylt in November, good cuisine and excellent wine, playing guitar and making music that gets right under your skin!
As always, I will continue to take care of my biking guests!
Nonetheless, with so many areas to look after inside the hotel, unfortunately, I am not always available to do the tours, but I feel confident to entrust my guests into the capable hands of our guide team.

MTB Guide Bruno For many years, Bruno has been a passionate mountain biker and racing cyclist. Whether on extreme terrain or on a comfortable tour through the meadow, he always knows the best way to get through the South Tyrolean mountains. Also during the winter months, the certified skiing instructor can always be found outdoors. In January 2011, he was part of establishing the high-altitude skiing Guinness world record. His capabilities are widespread. He is an instructor for Nordic Walking, a Kneipp hiking guide, masseur, a Tuina therapist, as well as a sauna guard. An intensive analysis of nature led him to this path of life! During a long-term stay in a Shaolin cloister in Den Feng (China), he took up an interest in Chinese medicine and acquired a new motto in life: ‘Power will be found in true tranquillity’. This is what he tries to convey to our guests and participants.
Manfred-Guide-neu An addition to the team is Manfred, Agnes‘ husband. Whether MTB or racing bikes, he leads the conditionally demanding week-end and holiday tour or alternatively, the Sella Ronda tour!

stefan2 Stefan, Edith’s husband. He loves to accompany us on any tour.
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