Lantern walk Castel Neuhaus


Do you fancy a lantern walk?

Walking through the snowy winter landscape from the hotel to Castel Neuhaus! A tour of the castle chapel followed by refreshments in the castle tavern round off this night-time excursion!

Castel Neuhaus Gais
The castle was built by the Counts of Tures between 1240 and 1245. The German name of the castle, Neuhaus, meaning New Building, differentiates the building from the “older” castle in Campo Tures. After the end of the Tures dynasty the castle became property of the Counts of Gorizia who entrusted it to the stewardship of various Counts, among them Oswald von Wolkenstein. Emperor Maximilian, the heir of the Gorizias, sold the castle to Peter Mor of Aufkirchen. Ownership changed frequently, and Neuhaus is still in private hands today.
The only remaining original features are the square castle keep and parts of the circular wall. The three-storey high palace was rebuilt completely using remnants of the old wall. At the back there are still remnants of a small front building and an artificial dry moat.
Next to Castel Neuhaus there used to be a much visited spa fed by two springs of water emerging 200 m above the castle and running through granite rock. The spa was said to have had healing effects for nervous conditions and stomach disorders as well as for wounds and ulcers, and could accommodate 40 guests. 20 of them could also stay there. In 1924 the spa burned down and has not been used since.
Similarly, there is evidence of a hermitage in a nearby derelict Santa Maddalena chapel. The parish records of Gais show that six hermits once lived there (1611-1718).

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