The Alps on the one side, the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage on the other. Unforgettable hikes, via ferratas and mountain tours are guaranteed!


The South side of the Alps: A region of 80 giant mountains above 3000 m, home to many renowned mountain climbers and area of the border with Austria. Vetta d'Italia is geographically recognised to be the northernmost point of Italy. Rugged, bold summits characterise the nature park Riesenferner-Ahrn. The nature park has a European dimension because it is part of a whole that also includes the Austrian nature park Hohe Tauern.

The Dolomites are UNESCO World Heritage. With their incomparable beauty the Dolomites enchanted UNESCO, just as they previously enchanted the great German poet Goethe, the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and star architect Le Corbusier. Tall peaks, rugged ridges, steep rock faces, old pass roads and historic places: These are the Dolomites... a true miracle of nature.